Boston Childrnen's Museum building from the top Welcome!

A virtual “Boston Children’s Museum” dedicated to families in medical settings

How does Everyone Explores meet your child’s and your family’s needs? 

Flexible & Adaptive

Engage in activities at your child’s and your family’s own pace and style. There is no “right” way to do an activity – you can try it in many different ways!

You don’t need to finish an activity at once. Start, pause, and try again later.

Enjoy Challenges

Try an activity that works with your child’s strengths and interests.

Coming up with creative solutions to challenges promotes social-emotional development, such as managing frustration and emotional coping.

Build Skills

Activities are designed to promote different skills, including using hands and fingers, thinking about self and others, solving problems, and persisting.

Try activities that are enjoyable, while also supporting your child’s goals!

Four images of different activities

Ready to Play?